"Dr Van Heule has been healing our family for over 20 years. When my daughter was five, she had pneumonia three times. Western medicine kept prescribing antibiotics and asthma medicine, to no avail. Dr Van Heule practices holistic medicine and was able to rebuild her immune system and digestive tract. She now is in her twenties and has never needed antibiotics again.
I am so grateful for his work." -Jennifer, Kenilworth, IL
"Dr Pieter Van Heule is an extremely dedicated healer and quite literally, a life-saver. I am a patient of his who in mid-life has decided to obtain a Master’s degree. This requires an enormous amount of work and occasionally one’s wellbeing is called to the test. For example, I am in the middle of mid-terms and I woke up Saturday feeling pretty crummy. My husband called Joy and was able to get me in that day. Dr Van Heule worked his magic and I only lost one day of productivity, had I not seen him I probably would have been a train wreck for at least 3-4 days. I would recommend his services for any ailment and I am so pleased to call myself one of his patients." -P.A., Chicago, IL
"I have been exposed to a holistic doctor who views each individual holistically, and who doesn't take me or my body for granted. The transformation of my own mind, body, and spirit into a whole, unified soul has been and continues to be a worthwhile journey. Don't get me wrong, I'm not perfect now. But I am perfect just the way I am. More changes coming? Probably. And that's when I'll pick up the phone to call Pieter to discuss the situation.  Before each doctor can practice, they take the Hippocratic Oath, which is a partnership agreement between doctor and patient. In my many years of experience with Pieter, he has honored and respected that oath. He has also honored and respected me, as an individual who is sharing life experiences with him and who wants to live a whole, happy and long life." -JTH, Bluegrass State
"Joy came through to help us,as she has done on several occasions. Her calm kindness is a wonderful example for others. She is a fantastic part of your medical practice." -Mr. and Mrs. M, South Bend, IN
"Dear Joy and Dr Van Heule, even though we are far away, you always know how to help & Joy you always return our calls promptly and with such care. Our appreciation for what you both do and have done for our family is enormous. Thank you both for being such a significant part of our growth, health, physical, spiritual and emotional well being." -Lori, Tim, R&R, Naperville,Illinois