While DD Palmer was the first to coin the term Chiropractic, literally translated as 'done by hand', spinal manipulation was described by Hippocrates (460 BC) and has been utilized by cultures all around the world for millennia.
I define Chiropractic as a science, art, and philosophy. The philosophy centers on the principle that all life is intelligent, common to holism and vitalism. The innate intelligence aims to maintain a state of optimal physical, chemical, emotional and energetic homeostasis through adaptive actions. The nervous system is the main portal via which these adaptive measures take place.
Interference with the optimal communications in the nervous system by a physical trauma, a chemical indulgence, an emotional upset, or an energetic imbalance can disrupt this harmonious balance and adversely affect one's state of health. This is a Holistic approach. True Chiropractic is the science and art of analyzing, exposing and correcting these interferences.

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